About me

I’m a writer and communications specialist with 18 years’ experience in media and communications. I’ve worked in newspapers, magazines and at management level in agencies, but predominantly as a freelance with publications, businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Clients past and present include government organisations, local authorities, universities, charities, large corporations and SMEs. My work is varied and cross-sector; I could be producing a university’s prospectus, developing a charity’s marketing strategy, writing a technical case study or interviewing a celebrity at any given time. I’ve also recently completed a law degree and have a particular interest in consumer and employment law.

I work quickly and efficiently: my experience and knowledge allow me to manage large projects and campaigns with no supervision, or work as an integral part of your team to add an extra element of expertise. Whoever I’m working with, my approach is to get to the heart of whatever I do so I can accurately portray my clients or interviewees, helping them to define their identity and reach the right audience or market.

Not all of my work is visual: as well as the publications and articles you see here, I work with my clients to develop communications strategies, brand guidelines and internal communications procedures, amongst many other projects. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this site, get in touch for an informal chat about how I may be able to help.