“Juliet is dedicated, broad-minded, versatile and extremely determined. She is able to immediately catch the meaning and the objective of a specific piece of work and deliver the most diverse range of high-quality products in a timely way. She is extraordinarily reliable, pro-active and open to both providing and welcoming suggestions and new ideas. We worked together on a scientific project, but the technical contents never seemed to represent an obstacle nor a limit to her. She really plunged into the subject and contributed to significantly improve the overall communication strategy, achieving strong results in terms of visibility and dissemination of the project contents.”

Margherita Fabbri, Project Manager, ADEMU 

“Juliet has the ability to transform ideas into powerful and effective written messages. She is very responsive to demands and delivers high quality results promptly. She is very creative and full of ideas, suggesting but not imposing, fast in implementing them. Juliet has high professional standards and delivers top quality work. She is good-natured and enjoyable to work with.”

Prof Teresa Garcia-Milà, Director, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

“Finding a copywriter you can trust is not easy, so I was extremely fortunate to walk into Moorepay with a relationship with Juliet already established. Working with Juliet is easy, and the benefits to me in terms of resource (freeing me to spend more time on strategic planning and amplifying content) and quality assurance (with her background and expertise) are essential to keep on top of a heavy production schedule.”

Stuart Clough, Communications and Content Manager, Moorepay

“I have worked with Juliet since 1998 and can’t think of anyone I trust more to write press releases, features, opinion pieces… anything. She is extremely accurate, startlingly fast, a spelling and grammar pedant and always gives 110% just in case 100% isn’t good enough. If you’ve got anything that needs writing, I could not recommend her more strongly.”

Sara Teiger, Sara Teiger PR

“I had almost given up on finding a company to help us with our marketing: one company notably suggested we send prospective clients an orange to show our thinking was fresh! Juliet was the first person I met who seemed to have a plausible approach to marketing. No dubious quick wins or strategies that weren’t congruent with our company. Instead, she listened to what we had to say about ourselves and came up with a strategy that accurately reflected who were and what we do, and suggested sensible (and serious) methods for promoting our company. I frequently recommend Juliet to my own clients: what better testimonial can there be?”

Fenner Pearson, MD, Meantime IT

“Juliet always delivers inspiring PR campaigns, creating imaginative and impactful pieces that are well researched and written. She interacts very effectively with the press and media ensuring her clients get great value for money. My event projects have always been measured as a success when Juliet has delivered the communications element.”

Owain Oxenham, Resource Marketing

“I spent a very happy summer working with Juliet on a massive writing project for a client. Juliet is a joy to work with – as well as having excellent writing skills, she’s fast, efficient and delivers results time after time. She’s incredibly focused and has an extraordinary work ethic. No stone will ever be left unturned if you work with Juliet.”

Jackie Harris, Brightspark Marketing

“I had the great honour and privilege to work with Juliet during my time in Manchester on various events in and around the great city. Juliet is someone who has a great turn of phrase taking our, quite frankly, poorly written copy and turning it into something that was engaging, concise and welcoming. Her mere presence and positive energy at the events always brought upon a sense of calm amongst the rest of us, allowing every event to go off hitch-free. Without her the turnout at our events would have been poor to say the least. Juliet is someone who is very honest in her dealings with the people who have the good fortune of working with her, and someone who can always be relied upon to give sage advice. I truly admire Juliet and can’t recommend working with her highly enough.”

Marc Kets, Education First

“Juliet and I worked together as colleagues in ‘sister’ companies for 2 years. She was a great colleague….professional and very good company. She asks challenging questions and is very persistent. She knows how to use language to create interesting and memorable copy from any material she is given. In short, she is just very good at what she does.”

Peter Gregson, Doves Nest Group

“It’s easy to work with Juliet; talented, professional and never misses a deadline. A pleasure to work with.”

TiMiT Design